Project Description
Enneract makes it easier for LDS Leadership works in theirs responsibilities through BI techniques.

You'll no longer have to stock tons of paper and to write endless reports. It's developed in a multitude of technologies: C# (4.5), VB.Net, SQL Srv. 2012 & Compact 4.0.

Enneract Project associates B.I. technologies with Project manager's professional experiences and LDS Church Leaders experience in helping people to progress to increase Leadership efficiency.

Languages targeting: English (main). Application localizations in French and Portuguese as testing in stakes in Belgium and Brazil will be performed. Other languages may be added as necessary and requested… we want people to use it.

Did you heard ENNERACT?
  1. We are targeting callings in 9 domains: (1)Bishop + Bishopric + Clerk / (2)Elders + High Priests Quorum / (3)Relief Soc. / (4)Ward Mission Leader + Ward Missionaries/ (5)Young Men + Young Women/ (6)Primary/ (7)Stake Presidency + Clerk / (8)High Priest Council + Stake organizations / (9) Genealogy Centers.
  2. Business Intelligence focus on Data analysis through slicing and dicing multidimensional data cubes...
  3. Enneract being a 9-dimension cube... 1+1=9 => Enneract.

Enneract Modules:
  • Enneract Excellence (WinMo) * - companion application currently targeting the Windows Mobile 6.x platform (awaiting WM 7 beta + .Net 4 CF)
Prototype will be released by December 1, 2009.

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